S0rry, traditionally cloSeness is a concept of practice

7.-10. October 2021
Interactive sound installation
Musikprotokoll im Steirischen Herbst, Graz (AT)
w/ Nico Mohammadi, Korin Rizzo, Lain Iwakura

But which path will it take in the future?
How can you explain this to her?
Is that still compatible with any claims to social and cultural participation?
Would they believe you?

From time to time we think about the possibilities. We shake our heads from side to side, we clap our hands. What is reality, what is the real world, what is "objectivity" and "authentic"? Copyrights are relics from the old world, just like the demand for a naturalistic narrative and for a linear plot. A plea for blurring the lines between fact and fiction or between reportage and invention or between narrative and essay! Traditionally, disinformation is not only aimed at lies, bullshit and camouflage, but also at the uncertainty of sensually or empirically perceived reality. Once the principle of the subject also collapsed, a new epoch opened up that can be denied as the epoch of the collapse of principles, the an-archic epoch without fundamentals, the epoch of total destitution. And thus, it is an epoch without a subject: we live in the epoch of the non-subject. In the past few weeks we've begun to feel our souls growing more distant from our bodies. When the voice that links the body to the soul vanishes, there is no way to put into words one's feelings or will. We reduced ourselves into [one] piece[s]. We continued to disappear.When everyone is connected, small voices will grow larger. When everyone is connected, even life will grow longer. For this composition, not only sound surfaces and auditory objects blend into each other, but also four artists including their own realities and perceptions.